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Today's companies need to know whom they're trying to sell to and which attributes buyers have that bring them closer to closing deals. Using the voice of the customer combined with customer analytics initiatives and business intelligence software aim to give companies a 360-degree view of the customer by automatically catching behaviors and turning that data into insight that could boost sales. Business intelligence software could suggest actions businesses could take by using predictive data models and data about the customer to enhance marketing and sales strategies. This section explores the role of customer analytics software in sales and marketing strategy. It looks closely at whether Salesforce’s native tools for analytics have benefits for companies in terms of integration and UI and whether third-party tools may be more effective.

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  • marketing campaign management

    Marketing campaign management is the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of direct marketing campaigns. Continue Reading

  • sales forecast

    A sales forecast is a projection of achievable revenue. The terms sales forecast and sales budgets are sometimes used as synonyms, but budgets are projected before the fiscal year begins and forecasts take place once the fiscal year is underway. Continue Reading

  • Why you should embrace sales analytics tools

    Many sales reps still take a traditional approach to sales, and they reject sales data. But here's how sales analytics can make organizations more efficient and improve sales. Continue Reading

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