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A customer journey map is an important resource to have when aiming to understand customer behavior and seeing which service efforts need to be improved. Customer journey mapping helps enterprises understand how consumers interact with an enterprise and which touchpoints need improvement to refine the customer experience. This can include everything from e-commerce to fielding consumer feedback on social media. Customer journey mapping tools can potentially reveal deficiencies or inefficiencies in a company's customer service practices that, when fixed, can improve customer retention and a company's overall reputation. This section covers the intersection of customer journey mapping and Salesforce technology. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Journey Builder feature aims to track the customer journey and measure campaign effectiveness, but the marketplace contains other tools that can achieve this goal. We cover how companies are using this technology to meet business goals, with a focus on the challenges involved with conceiving and implementing those strategies. We also cover how Salesforce products are being used with third-party technologies to support customer journey mapping strategies.

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