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Sales analytics keep salespeople informed about the state of their sales pipelines, gauge rep performance and assist in quota attainment. By using CRM systems, sales reps can update customer records and gain insight from a single customer data depository. Applications such as the Salesforce Analytics Cloud assist in data visualization and make analytics digestible for non-analysts and enable salespeople to view sales performance analysis with mobile CRM applications. With Salesforce tools like the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, managers, marketers and sales reps can now use analytics that are native to the applications they are already working in, such as the Sales and Marketing Cloud, so this topic explores the possibilities and downsides of Wave Sales analytics. This topic explores mobile CRM in the Salesforce platform.

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    A sales forecast is a projection of achievable revenue. The terms sales forecast and sales budgets are sometimes used as synonyms, but budgets are projected before the fiscal year begins and forecasts take place once the fiscal year is underway. Continue Reading

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