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How third-party AI tools can replace core AI offerings

One company found that when using a variety of different vendors, a third-party AI product was more beneficial than a core vendor's AI offering.


GDPR creates new workflows for customer service

Getting your Salesforce-powered customer service and support staff ready for GDPR involves more than just the free Trailhead training module. But it's a start.


Ten GDPR tips for Salesforce teams

The General Data Protection Regulation implementation date is closing in. Salesforce experts have some advice for companies tasked with complying with the EU guideline.


Conversational Queries speeds up Einstein data usage

A new AI conversational feature from Salesforce lets users enter sales, service and marketing questions about timely customer data and build charts on their own in less time.

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Salesforce Basics

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    marketing automation

    Marketing automation is a type of software that allows companies to effectively target customers with automated marketing messages across channels including email, websites, social media and text messages to generate sales leads.

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    partner relationship management (PRM)

    Partner relationship management (PRM) is a combination of the software, processes and strategies companies use to streamline business processes with partners who sell their products.

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    Compare top CRM systems: SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle

    The 'CRM platform wars' aren't as hot as, say, the tech battle between smartphone OS vendors. But Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft want your business.

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