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SearchSalesforce.com is the Salesforce community’s resource for news, expert advice, technical tips and career guidance as well as a forum for community interaction. The site focuses on the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform as well as its ecosystem of partners.

With the voice of the customer ruling the business landscape today, CRM platforms such as Salesforce.com are fast-becoming an essential springboard to enable companies to reach, interact with and retain customers across multiple channels.

Our coverage from award-winning editors and leading industry experts readies data-driven businesses looking to implement, configure, manage and use various aspects of the Salesforce platform, including the Sales, Marketing and Service Clouds, Salesforce Wave and Salesforce Lightning in one place.

SearchSalesforce.com focuses on the needs of decision makers as they evaluate, implement and integrate Salesforce.com applications and provides an independent perspective on how best to navigate the ever-expanding cloud services footprint available today.

Use this site to understand:

  • How CRM platforms like Salesforce can help gather, manage and analyze customer data for actionable business insight
  • The importance of a mobile-first, cloud-first architecture in all your technology purchases
  • Where CRM fits into your larger data integration mission
  • The importance of technology that personalizes customer communication

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