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Dreamforce 2016 coverage

The Dreamforce 2016 conference will take place in San Francisco on Oct. 4-7.


As customer data becomes the cornerstone of business success, companies are struggling to keep pace with the changes required to gain real insight from their data.

While they have recognized the importance of this information to create smarter-selling, more personalized marketing and better customer service, using data to achieve better decision making has been difficult for many companies. Integrating data from numerous sources and being able to take action in real time based on a steady influx of data are just some of the hurdles companies wrestle with today.

Today, companies are trying to bring the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and internal databases to better understand their customers' preferences and to improve company operations.

Salesforce has been at work to make customer data insight more meaningful. On the eve of the Dreamforce 2016 conference, it announced Salesforce Einstein, a machine learning technology designed to enhance company's internal customer account data with external data sources. As a result, companies are better positioned to secure sales, market effectively and provide strong customer service.

Salesforce has touted Einstein as democratizing artificial intelligence, providing "AI for everyone," and taken data from a variety of sources -- from internet of things (IoT) devices to social media platform data to workers' calendar information -- to combine that data with CRM data and other sources to create a more complete picture of customer behavior in context.

Salesforce is also hard at work to integrate data and processes to make omnichannel customer experience more seamless. To that end, Salesforce announced Commerce Cloud, which exploits its $2.8 billion acquisition of Demandware. The goal is to make marketing efforts more personalized and tailored, regardless of a customer's channel. So, for example, if customers browse a store online for research purposes then go to a physical store, Commerce Cloud can help tailor that customer journey and personalize interactions.

The Demandware acquisition is one of a spate of purchases Salesforce has made since last year, from SteelBrick configure price quote software to Quip for document management to Implisit, MetaMind, and PredictionIO for data intelligence and machine learning.

Some of these acquisitions may be seamless (read: SteelBrick), but some may present hurdles in terms of integration with a company that aims to reach $10 billion in revenue. As releases like Salesforce Einstein and Commerce Cloud take shape post-Dreamforce conference, industry observers will be watching closely. For more on Salesforce's acquisitions and new releases, check out all the news, features and video from our Dreamforce 2016 conference coverage below.

1Current affairs-

The latest updates from Dreamforce 2016

Dreamforce 2016 has built up expectations on what Salesforce can deliver in the future. Below you can find an up-to-date recap of all the latest information and trends coming out of the conference in San Francisco.


Salesforce expands its strategy beyond traditional functionality

Salesforce works integrate all of the new technologies it purchases and bring new capabilities into customer relationship management. Continue Reading


Debunking four myths on selling

Most young companies try acquiring new customers, extending into new markets, hiring experienced sales reps and creating teams with distinct responsibilities. But these are the wrong tactics to help sales grow. Continue Reading


Salesforce Lightning Experience is the future for development

With the latest release, Salesforce Classic users will have to prepare to migrate to Lighting. Here are some tactics to help make it a little more painless. Continue Reading


IoT technologies automate manufacturing

KUKA Robotics utilizes IoT technology to help bring efficiency and customization to the assembly line. Continue Reading


Salesforce IoT Cloud buzz fizzles

Salesforce IoT Cloud came with a lot of buzz, but users are still struggling to figure out how to make the best use of the data. Continue Reading


Dunkin' Brands dives into personalized marketing

Dunkin' strives to create intimate customer experiences by effectively implementing one-on-one marketing strategies. Continue Reading


Salesforce gears up for UI improvements in desktop and mobile with CPQ

Salesforce unveiled new features users can expect in upcoming iterations of CPQ, formerly known as Steelbrick. Continue Reading


Salesforce Analytics Cloud is just what the doctor ordered

Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps break up silos and clears the path for sales and marketing to work in sync. Continue Reading


Salesforce Einstein fine-tunes marketing customization

Salesforce Einstein has been perceived as pure gold for marketers, some of its personalization efforts have yet to be honed to perfection. Continue Reading


Salesforce's AI helps companies stay on top of CRM

Salesforce has evangelized AI as not only the new business differentiator, but also a tool that will eventually become pervasive. Continue Reading


Sam's Club digitizes sales process with Salesforce

Hobbled by antiquated services, Sam's Club struggled to save dwindling memberships. Salesforce helped change that. Continue Reading


Salesforce's Quip helps build collaboration

Salesforce's collaboration tool, Quip, has been tapped by Pinterest to help bridge the gap between different departments. Continue Reading


Sales Cloud adds predictive lead scoring

As Salesforce hopes to add new insights for sales reps through predictive lead scoring, questions still linger as to how accurate the data will be. Continue Reading


Seeking efficiency, T-Mobile moves to Salesforce Lightning

T-Mobile attempts to avoid common obstacles sales reps continuously face by migrating to Lightning. Continue Reading


Salesforce Health Cloud innovates patient care

Salesforce Health Cloud now allows patient providers to share patient information securely through the cloud, a feat that was difficult to accomplish previously. Continue Reading


Salesforce rounds out portfolio with successful AI addition

Salesforce has brought in Einstein as an umbrella for new and existing artificial intelligence throughout the platform. Continue Reading


Intelligent systems are becoming more of a necessity

The latest BlueWolf report expands on the demands and needs for intelligent systems within the enterprise. Continue Reading


HeyWire messaging app acquired by Salesforce

Salesforce continued on its path toward strengthening customer service through its eighth purchase of the year, HeyWire Inc. Continue Reading


Salesforce Calendar integrated with Inbox

Salesforce attempts to reduce toggle fatigue for sales reps through calendar integration. Continue Reading


Salesforce Field Service Lightning rollout strikes gold

Lightning helps digitize contracts and increase sales all in one go. Continue Reading


Salesforce acquisition of BeyondCore focuses on smart analytics

BeyondCore helps bring predictive analytics to the Salesforce platform. Continue Reading


Quip helps Salesforce battle Microsoft

By allowing users to perform word processing tasks without ever leaving the CRM provider's platform, Salesforce can now give Microsoft a run for their money. Continue Reading


Salesforce continues to expand its portfolio

In the past year, Salesforce has been busy acquiring numerous companies to bulk up its platform. Continue Reading

2Dreamforce nostalgia-

Previous Dreamforce conference coverage

The Dreamforce 2015 conference was marked by Salesforce's commitment to tackling new industries with offerings including IoT and Salesforce Wave. Before Dreamforce 2016 starts, take a look back at how things developed in 2015.


Will user adoption of Salesforce Analytics Cloud grow?

Learn about the benefits and challenges of the Analytics Cloud as it gains momentum. Continue Reading


New Salesforce Wave Analytics for Community Cloud

The Salesforce platform brings ROI to collaboration tools with the use of embedded analytics through the Wave. Read on for the details here. Continue Reading


Data quality yielding results from Wave

It can be challenging to get analytics applications such as Wave tuned and ready to return insight that can change business behavior. Find out how to overcome these obstacles. Continue Reading


How will the Salesforce Wave Analytics upgrade fare?

Salesforce Wave gets an upgrade, but will it be enough to win over users? Continue Reading


Salesforce Analytics Cloud comes out to tepid response

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is having a hard time gaining traction. What's holding it back? Continue Reading


Salesforce Lightning, Wave struggle with challenges as adoptions wane

Users are still hesitant to jump head-first into adopting Lightning and Wave. Continue Reading


Will users adopt Wave Analytics Cloud?

With the unveiling of Wave, how will users respond? Continue Reading

3As seen at the show-

Dreamforce 2016 videos

Watch as companies share stories of overcoming obstacles, adapting to new challenges and streamlining business practices as they see what Dreamforce 2016 has to offer.


Behind the scenes of Salesforce Ventures' investment strategy

A glimpse at the specific criteria Salesforce Ventures uses to fuel its investment strategy to help the Salesforce platform grow.


Adopting CRM for small businesses is easier than it seems

That first step toward adopting a full CRM strategy is the hardest part for many small and medium-sized businesses.


Not all companies are ready to move to cloud-only CRM

Although companies know they need to modernize their infrastructure and applications and get out of the business of maintaining their own data centers, some are tentative to move to the cloud.


OnStar expands services with Salesforce Cloud

OnStar uses a number of Salesforce clouds as the backbone of its "connected vehicle" experience.


Salesforce IoT efficiently utilizes machine learning

Salesforce IoT uses data to help companies make intelligent decisions about their products, services and customers


Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps integrate customer data

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is designed to help customers make purchases more easily and help companies learn more about their customers and prospects in order to elevate the customer service experience.


Salesforce AI brings data intelligence to business processes

Salesforce Einstein helps manage all of the platform's business processes, from marketing to service, through artificial intelligence


IoT Cloud benefits from Salesforce's AI, Einstein

Artificial intelligence adds another dimension to sensor analysis data, giving a boost to the IoT Cloud.


What the IoT Cloud brought to 2015

At Dreamforce 2015, Salesforce expanded on what users should have expected from the IoT Cloud.


What Salesforce Wave Analytics brings to the table

Experts discuss the way Salesforce Wave could change the way platforms utilize analytics at Dreamforce 2015.


Business users gravitate to Salesforce Lightning

Users talk about the benefits and upgrades to Lighting at Dreamforce 2015.


Experts discuss why IoT adoption was slow to take hold

At Dreamforce 2015, experts talked about the new offerings coming from Salesforce and what values companies could take away from them.

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