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April 2017, Vol. 5, No. 2

Watson AI capabilities coming to business apps

One of the early forms of computing artificial intelligence, IBM's Watson was an example of the insight AI could bring by using natural language processing and machine learning. The cognitive computing system gained mainstream recognition a few years ago after beating the two all-time winningest Jeopardy! contestants in the popular trivia game, but it is now working its way into business applications in the hopes of delivering previously hidden or hard-to-find insights to organizations. Watson AI has gained footing in some industries, including healthcare, but IBM has made a concerted effort in bringing its capabilities to the business space. "We're trying to focus on those business personas that have responsibilities around marketing and commerce and supply chain and making those business functions really proficient," said Melody Dunn, director of IBM Watson commerce insights. "There's an ecosystem of data we're trying to bring in and make that data digestion more seamless for a company's own data." At the Healthcare ...

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