Business Intelligence and Customer Data Management

Increasingly, companies know they need data to make informed business decisions. But getting actionable data in real time can be problematic. Getting access to data that they can make sense of quickly enough and that they can act on in a timely manner is easier said than done. This kind of data insight requires that data is accurate and up to date, well-integrated from various departments, and digestible even for the business side. This requires business intelligence software as well as strategies to make customer data actionable. Tools like the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, as well as the IoT Cloud, are designed to help executives digest data points and take action, directly from the user interface they are working in, in real time. This topic area covers tools in the Salesforce platform such as Salesforce Wave and the IoT cloud and how they enable data visualization and practical customer data analytics. This topic also covers various third-party business intelligence tools and how they integrate with Salesforce – or don’t and how they enable this pursuit of real-time, actionable data.

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