Contact Center Infrastructure

Contact center infrastructure provides the software and hardware that enables communication with customers on the phone, via email or social media platforms and so on. Contact center infrastructure plays a key role in CRM strategy. Contact center software can route communications and information to support agents, whether through a traditional call center, email, social media, live chat, text or other communication channels. Workforce optimization practices can help contact centers be more efficient with staffing for busy or slower periods and lead to greater cost savings. With call routing technology, a telephony system that also distributes calls to agents, contact centers can promote better customer experience by reducing wait times through identifying agent availability and expertise by matching consumers with particular agents based on availability, skill set, language and so on. Features such as speech technology, VoIP software and self-service help companies expedite service efforts and enhance the customer experience. Measuring customer sentiment is also important, with social media monitoring, social media listening tools and emotion analytics playing roles in augmenting service offerings. Contact center hardware includes computers, monitors and telephony equipment, but cloud contact center software is disrupting traditional contact center infrastructure strategy. This section covers various elements of contact center infrastructure and how they are part of or work with elements of the Salesforce Service Cloud. We also cover how companies are managing contact center infrastructure to meet customer experience goals.

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