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Data visualization tools enable non data-analysts to glean insight from data and take action by creating easier-to-view and understand representations of information. These visualizations can help executives, sales reps and other business users need the most up-to-date customer information when they're out of the office. For many, this means that critical applications must include easy-to-understand dashboards, charts and other data visualization elements that give snapshots into key business units. Users on the go can make sense of crucial business data without knowing how to code or how to use big data visualization tools. Products such as the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, or Wave, aim to democratize data visualization tools for the masses by making it mobile-first and connected to a central CRM platform. This section examines how Salesforce is making data digestible for the everyday business user and the adoption and data management challenges facing tools such as Salesforce Wave.

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    A sales forecast is a projection of achievable revenue. The terms sales forecast and sales budgets are sometimes used as synonyms, but budgets are projected before the fiscal year begins and forecasts take place once the fiscal year is underway. Continue Reading

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    Data smog refers to the volume and velocity of data that is being created by devices connected to the Internet of Things. Continue Reading

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