Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud and IoT analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to change how companies do business with customers, making service more seamless and enabling new kinds of data analysis about how customers use products. But as IoT data generated from sensors, mobile devices and other sources is still evolving, making it available and digestible is challenging. Networks, devices and software have to be able to ingest and analyze that information. Making sense of the massive influx of data coming from Web-connected devices is a significant task. The challenge in dealing with IOT technologies is translating many data points into an improved customer experience, which requires powerful data integration capabilities that depend on an interconnected ecosystem of applications and systems. Salesforce products, such as the IoT Cloud, which is built on the Thunder development platform (a sister platform to Lightning), aim to give business users a platform to harness the Internet of Things and ultimately help them augment their customer service processes. The Salesforce IoT Cloud is designed to help customers ingest, analyze and take action based on IoT-related data. This section explores the benefits and challenges of the IoT Cloud and related Internet of Things technologies designed to help companies become more efficient, reduce costs, serve customers better and derive data for better business decision making. Find resources on better business intelligence, creating a more efficient and seamless customer experience, reducing business operations costs and using product and customer data analytics to fuel future business decision making.

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