Multichannel Customer Service

Multichannel customer service strives to provide a consistent experience, across the many channels consumers use to interact with companies. In the age of the customer, consumers are choosing how they want to interact with companies, whether via mobile, social media, live chat, phone, email and other methods, and so the challenge is creating a consistent experience across channels on the front end, while bridging back-end data silos between those various systems to ensure a frictionless and up-to-date consumer experience. Many companies are striving to provide service on multiple channels and are not ready to link them to amount to a true omnichannel experience. Ideally, omnichannel customer service eliminates all silos and integrates all consumer data into a comprehensive profile, but many companies are still dealing with traditional multichannel methods. This section covers the interaction of Salesforce technology with multichannel customer service, either through the Salesforce Service Cloud or with third-party technology. We also cover challenges companies face with providing multichannel customer service and how it relates to their efforts to link service offerings into a true omnichannel customer experience.

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