Omnichannel Customer Experience

Between CRM, social media and mobile, consumers use a variety of platforms to interact with companies. Providing a consistent consumer experience across those various channels is a key challenge of multichannel communications. Companies increasingly strive to remove data silos on the back end to facilitate seamless customer navigation across various company channels. In their quest for an omnichannel strategy, companies need powerful customer data integration tools to enhance marketing, sales and customer service activities, ensuring consistent and up-to-date interactions across CRM, ECM and other data repositories. While many companies are trying to cultivate a presence on multiple channels, true omnichannel integration remains a work in progress. In a world where customers mix their interactions with companies across many different communication channels and are increasingly mobile, companies need to have their data integration practices in order to provide an omnichannel customer experience. This section covers how Salesforce products help companies achieve omnichannel goals, either through use of the Salesforce platform or through a combination of Salesforce and third-party applications. We also cover the challenges facing companies that are using a multichannel strategy but are building toward an omnichannel strategy, either in the short or long term.

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