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Today’s sales teams need various tools to increase sales performance. Sales teams need greater automation and discipline in their processes. With more automation of workflows and alerts, lead management tools and other Salesforce automation software, sales reps can be more effective and boost sales revenue; they can also target a more appropriate, revenue-generating customer base. This topic explores how sales reps can better understand their prospects and leads in the pipeline and take action based on the insights they gain from sales management tools. Tools like the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Wave, as well as third-party tools that integrate with Salesforce can help sales teams get a handle on their customer bases and become more efficient and revenue-generating. This topic discusses sales enablement software tools as well as the best practices and strategies that sales teams should employ to streamline sales processes, manage leads and use data to boost sales performance. Learn how tools like the Salesforce Sales Cloud and other tools in the Salesforce platform enable companies to better understand their pipelines and customers and take action. Sales management software, paired with best practices, can help sales teams identify the right prospects, nurture them and convert them into customers and retain them by understanding their needs throughout the customer journey. Learn how automation, alerts, workflows, visualization and other tools can augment sales processes and boost productivity and revenue. Get information on the Salesforce Sales Cloud and how it can help sales teams automate formerly manual tasks and gain better insight into their prospects and customers.

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